Our Services


From installing precision threaded inserts, simple sub-assemblies to complex assemblies, CAM-PRO offers a comprehensive assembly service to support customer needs. Combining precision manufactured components with our sub-assembly is a key competency. We are well equipped to provide a variety of sub-assemblies using a variety of fasteners, adhesive and welding technologies. We also equipped to manufacture and supply complete assembly of tools, fixtures and test rigs as per customer’s design and specification.

Sourcing of sub-assemblies from us simplifies the Customer’s procurement process by reducing the number of purchased parts requiring management and control. We take responsibility for providing our customers with fully finished kit, ready for further processes, thereby reducing downtime & increasing efficiency at their end. Working with International customers and organizations of all sizes, we are happy to produce low production run through to batch production.

We have a very well-equipped assembly set up with the right tools, equipment and well-organized and lighted individual assembly stations. Almost 90% of the projects we receive include some sort of assembly or secondary process.

Some of the activities done are:

Helicoil Insertion

Fasteners & Inserts Assembly

Bushing and bearing Assembly

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Welded Fabrication (Turnkey Project)

Rubber Seals & Gaskets