Our Services


CAM-PRO operates at the highest levels of quality and has wide-ranging and comprehensive machining capabilities where continual investment has resulted in competitiveness and short lead times. We have a fleet of CNC machines, providing us flexibility to meet a range of complexities, shapes, sizes and price points depending on what our customers need.

The size of items that can be manufactured ranges from very small parts and up to parts 1.3m long with ability to machine to an ultra-high accuracy of just 5 microns.

CNC milling is used in precision manufacturing to produce extremely versatile parts for Aerospace, Medical, Electrical & Electronic, Oil & Gas industries.

The majority of machines are multi-axis allowing minimal setup manufacture of complex parts with optimized quality and throughput.

We provide manufacturing services for a wide range of products, including:

CNC Milling

  • Vertical Machining Centres
  • Vertical Machining Centres with 3 + 4th & 5th Axes


  • CNC Turning Centres
  • Multi-axis advanced Turn/Mill Centres


  • Milling Machines
  • Surface Grinding Machines
  • EDM Machine