Our Services


CAM-PRO has a well-established network of partners who help us to provide our customers with greater value addition, and wider capabilities, thereby reducing their overheads and operational difficulties of managing multiple suppliers.

We offer comprehensive, full turnkey project management to coordinate every aspect of the project including, RM sourcing, engineering fit-out, FAIs, strategic sourcing & vendor management, process documentation, to post-machining special processes, sub-assemblies, packaging, and shipping. We work to streamline our clients’ supply chains, resulting in a greater competitive advantage and increased customer satisfaction.

Our Project Team with the support of the strategic sourcing, quality & engineering teams ensures high quality and on time delivery providing tight control and insight over the project to make sure on time delivery & 100% quality.

We have approved sources with longstanding relationship to provide manufacturing services for a wide range of capabilities, including:


We source for sand casting, investment casting, and pressure/gravity die casting in a broad range of materials. All castings are custom-made based as per customer’s design and specifications. Whether you need simple or complex parts, our metal castings partners will match your exact specifications.


We source high quality, high strength forgings. These metal forgings can be cold headed or hot forged, as designs require, and complete quality inspections are available.

Sheet Metal Parts

We specialize in providing end-to-end services for sheet metal including product prototyping, manufacturing, and optimization. Our sheet metal partners use state-of-art facility having various tools and a systematic approach to produce sheet metal parts.

EDM wire cutting

Our partners can produce a customized precision wire EDM parts that will meet your quality and performance expectations by utilizing proven processes and advanced equipment to ensure high precision and part-to-part repeatability.

3D Printing

3D Printing is creating a whole new world of manufacturing, with the ability to create complex designs with quality and precision and deliver faster, more affordable results. Our partners are certified additive manufacturers in using the latest 3D printing technology, including selective laser sintering and direct metal laser sintering to build parts in thermoplastics, metals and even non-standard alloys as per business case.